Code of

Ethics and integrity are essential attributes that we must demand from everyone who is part of GTFoods.

Relationship between the Company and Employees

Recruitment, Assessment and Promotion

In the processes of hiring and promoting employees, technical capacity, professional experience and the ability to become integrated with work groups will be taken into consideration, ensuring equality for all and adherence to the Company’s values and beliefs.

There is no restriction for the admission and promotion of relatives, as long as the intended roles are performed in different teams, (the term “team” implies a group of employees who answer to a line manager or a hierarchically superior position).

Valuing Diversity and Condemnation of Harassment Practices

GTFoods offers equal opportunities to all employees, aiming to maintain a culturally rich and diverse work environment.

Hostile actions, intimidation or any behavior that may annoy, disturb or interfere with another person’s ability to work, such as insinuations and attitudes that affect people’s dignity and physical or psychological integrity, any act related to sexual harassment or moral embarrassment among colleagues, regardless of hierarchical subordination, will not be tolerated.

Each employee is recognized as an important member of a team. We do not accept any attitude of prejudice or discrimination related to race, color, belief or philosophy, marital status, gender, religion, origin, age, sexual orientation, political ideology, physical or mental disability, among others, maintaining a work environment that respects the dignity of all employees, enabling professional growth without any type of discrimination. Such unacceptable behaviors include verbal and physical assaults.

Any Company employee who feels harassed should ask the offender to stop and immediately report the incident to their line manager, the Human Resources department representative or any manager.

If the reported fact is not resolved in this way, the employee may use the Open Channel and file a complaint, which will be dealt with anonymously and as soon as possible.

Illegal Drugs, Alcohol and Possession of Weapons

When performing their duties, employees must not be under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol, and they are expressly forbidden from entering the Company’s premises with illicit drugs or alcoholic beverages. This rule also applies to employees who use GTFoods transport vehicles.

Consumption of alcohol within the Company’s premises is prohibited, except in social gatherings sponsored by the Company, and even then in moderation.

Carrying and holding weapons of any kind on the Company’s premises is expressly prohibited, with the exception of security professionals who are duly trained and have the express authorization of the Executive Board.

Occupational Safety

Occupational Safety The commitment to safety at work must be fulfilled by all, without exceptions. All individuals must observe safety rules and standards, seeking to identify and correct unsafe conditions and behaviors, preserving their physical integrity and that of their peers.

Safety is an individual and collective responsibility. It is the employee’s duty to report any unsafe or risky activity to the Occupational Safety department.

External Work

GTFoods has unique technical knowledge and uses the best production and management practices, investing in people and research. The Company also understands that there may be actions necessary to preserve its assets.

As such, its employees may only carry out other activities (direct or indirect) if they are not in conflict with the interests of the Company. To assess each situation, requesting documents must be forwarded to the Human Resources department for approval. The employee’s parallel activities must not compete with those of the Company or harm the Company in any way.

Sale of Goods and Products

The sale and exchange of goods and products of personal interest within the Company’s premises is expressly prohibited. This ban is extended to all its units and their branches.

The sale of products belonging to the GTFoods portfolio must only be carried out by a person who is duly authorized by the Commercial department, and the employee shall not subsequently authorized to resell these products.

Freedom of Association

The Company recognizes and respects the right of free association, including as it pertains to trade unions, associations, class representation entities, political parties or any other established entities, provided that said right is exercised responsibly, ethically and within legal limits.

GTFoods acknowledges trade unions as legal representatives of employees, and thus seeks to maintain a close relationship and constant dialogue with these entities.

Political manifestations, negotiations and dialogues must only be carried out by people formally authorized by the Company’s Board of Directors who have a power of attorney for said act.

Company Assets

The Company provides the facilities and equipment required for its employees to carry out their activities. In return, employees are expected to respect and protect the Company’s assets, including its inventories, machinery, equipment, vehicles, facilities, hardware, software, biological assets, among others.

All Company assets are intended exclusively for use in its operation and must not be used for private purposes, except in specific situations defined by the Company.

The employee is responsible for ensuring the proper use and conservation of the Company’s assets placed in their custody. Matters relating to the donation, sale and assignment of use of any Company asset must be previously approved by the Board of Directors.

Human Rights

GTFoods respects, observes and protects the internationally established human rights provided for in national and foreign legislation applicable to the Company and its People. Likewise, all contractors, customers, business partners, direct and indirect suppliers and anyone acting on behalf of the Company must comply with legislation pertaining to human rights.

The Company does not tolerate and strongly condemns child labor. Likewise, GTFoods rejects and condemns any form of work in degrading conditions that are incompatible with human dignity, putting the health and life of workers at risk, such as exhaustive working hours (where the worker is subjected to excessive effort or overload entailing damage to their health or risk of death), forced labor (keeping the person on their job through fraud, geographic isolation, threats and physical and psychological violence) and debt bondage (making the worker illegally contract a debt and attach it to them).

All suppliers and companies that have a relationship with the Company must agree to carry out audits and inspections in their facilities or units in order to comply with the provisions of this Code.

Suppliers, integrated individuals or service providers that use child labor or labor in a degrading situation will be immediately excluded from the list of GTFoods suppliers and this fact will be reported to the competent authorities.

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Risk of Fraudulent Contracts by Scammers!

GTFoods – Gonçalves and Tortola SA warns chicken meat importers from all over the world that scammers are trying to make sales through fake contracts using the name of our company, employees and owners improperly.

Be attentive of below procedures:

  • We don’t send emails with offers to new customers;
  • Check the email domain: ours is
  • Any variation of words in the email domains is an ATTEMPT OF FRAUD;
  • Be aware that we practice market price, so any price that seems too good to be true, is an ATTEMPT OF FRAUD;
  • We never send personal documents to any of our customers, like passports or any ID.
  • Our official website is;
  • If you receive an email or link to a website offering GTFoods products, call us before closing any deal: + 55 44 3218 3500