Board of Directors


Ciliomar Tortola


Vinícius Gonçalves

Executive Vice President

José Borges


Eduardo Bonet




Rafael Tortola




Vinícius Gonçalves

Executive Vice President



Carlos Eduardo de G. Pereira

Vice President of Proteins



Merlin D. G. Machado

Commercial Director



Cesar Assmann

Director of Operations



Dione Cazanti

Industrial Director

Board of Directors

This body is responsible for establishing the general direction of the business, approving the strategic plan and the multi-annual plans proposed by the Executives, defining internal policies, among others.

Ethics Committee

This body analyzes the manifestations received through the Whistleblowing Channel that are related to violations of the Code of Ethics, maintaining the principles of uprightness and impartiality in its analyses.

Executive Level

Officers appointed by the Board of Directors with the role of managing the business in accordance with the purpose, objectives, strategies and guidelines established by the Board of Directors.

Health, Safety and Environment Committee

Its purpose is to promote the integrated and participatory management of Safety and the Environment, as well as sustainability in its broadest sense.

Compliance Committee

In addition to advising, supporting and identifying points for improvement in the Integrity program and compliance violations within the Company, this body aims to ensure that the company’s transactions, including those of its subsidiaries, are conducted with integrity and ethics, in accordance with the parameters of the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law and other legislation, Code of Ethics and Internal Controls.

Risk Management

Our Corporate Risk Management System is bound to the best international practices and standards defined by global regulatory bodies.

The objective is to identify, assess, monitor and mitigate the risks to which we are exposed. The document is based on globally recognized methodological recommendations, such as those of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) and the ISO 31000 Standard, in addition to meeting the guidelines of the Instructive Guide for Corporate Risk Management of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC).

In order for the achievement of strategic objectives not to be affected by unexpected facts and conditions in any corporate activity area, the system covers the following main dimensions:


Information Security

In 2018, the Brazilian government enacted the General Data Protection Law – LGPD (Law 13,709/18). Since then, we have started a comprehensive program to ensure that our operations are compliant with this legislation, which came into effect in September 2020.

Ethics and Integrity

Internally, we are governed by a Code of Ethics, in which we express the expected behavior resulting from the principles and commitments of conduct in the relationship with our employees and between employees, shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers, service providers, business partners, the government and communities.

Policies and Commitments

As a way of institutionalizing our commitments, we have several corporate documents, among which our Policies and our company’s internal regulations stand out.

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Risk of Fraudulent Contracts by Scammers!

GTFoods – Gonçalves and Tortola SA warns chicken meat importers from all over the world that scammers are trying to make sales through fake contracts using the name of our company, employees and owners improperly.

Be attentive of below procedures:

  • We don’t send emails with offers to new customers;
  • Check the email domain: ours is
  • Any variation of words in the email domains is an ATTEMPT OF FRAUD;
  • Be aware that we practice market price, so any price that seems too good to be true, is an ATTEMPT OF FRAUD;
  • We never send personal documents to any of our customers, like passports or any ID.
  • Our official website is;
  • If you receive an email or link to a website offering GTFoods products, call us before closing any deal: + 55 44 3218 3500