Code of

Ethics and integrity are essential attributes that we must demand from everyone who is part of GTFoods.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights are strategic for the Company, and all results of an intellectual nature, as well as the strategic information used to obtain them, are the property of GTFoods.

Employees must protect the Company’s industrial secrets, formulas, processes, trademarks and patents, shielding them from any incorrect, unauthorized or illegal use. Additionally, all individuals involved are responsible for handling information about intellectual property, which they confidentially have accessed or will have access to as a result of their work.

The disclosure of this information is not allowed without the formal and express authorization of the Company’s Management through a specific instrument for this purpose.

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Risk of Fraudulent Contracts by Scammers!

GTFoods – Gonçalves and Tortola SA warns chicken meat importers from all over the world that scammers are trying to make sales through fake contracts using the name of our company, employees and owners improperly.

Be attentive of below procedures:

  • We don’t send emails with offers to new customers;
  • Check the email domain: ours is
  • Any variation of words in the email domains is an ATTEMPT OF FRAUD;
  • Be aware that we practice market price, so any price that seems too good to be true, is an ATTEMPT OF FRAUD;
  • We never send personal documents to any of our customers, like passports or any ID.
  • Our official website is;
  • If you receive an email or link to a website offering GTFoods products, call us before closing any deal: + 55 44 3218 3500