Code of

Ethics and integrity are essential attributes that we must demand from everyone who is part of GTFoods.


ACCURACY: precision of data and information, with no mistakes.

BIOLOGICAL ASSETS: living beings (plants and animals).

AFFILIATES: when a company has significant influence over another company.

DEGRADING CONDITIONS: characterized by poor working conditions, without respect for occupational safety and medicine standards.

SUBSIDIARIES: companies in which another company makes the significant decisions, considering that it has control over the investee company.

HARDWARES: parte física de um computador, sendo formado pelos componentes eletrônicos, como por exemplo, circuitos de fios e luz, placas, utensílios, correntes, e qualquer outro material em estado físico, que seja necessário para fazer com o que computador funcione.

REPUTABLE: that which demonstrates the ability to occupy certain positions, to perform certain tasks, etc.; fit and competent.

MONEY LAUNDERING: process where profits generated from illegal activities are concealed so that they can appear to have a lawful origin.

SOFTWARE: programs that control the operation of a computer.

SUBSIDIARIES: a company subordinated to a larger one that holds a large part of its shares.

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Risk of Fraudulent Contracts by Scammers!

GTFoods – Gonçalves and Tortola SA warns chicken meat importers from all over the world that scammers are trying to make sales through fake contracts using the name of our company, employees and owners improperly.

Be attentive of below procedures:

  • We don’t send emails with offers to new customers;
  • Check the email domain: ours is
  • Any variation of words in the email domains is an ATTEMPT OF FRAUD;
  • Be aware that we practice market price, so any price that seems too good to be true, is an ATTEMPT OF FRAUD;
  • We never send personal documents to any of our customers, like passports or any ID.
  • Our official website is;
  • If you receive an email or link to a website offering GTFoods products, call us before closing any deal: + 55 44 3218 3500