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Our Brands

We are a company that prides itself on delivering our products to the tables of Brazilian families and to over 100 countries.

Canção Alimentos

Canção Alimentos is the tastiest brand on the market! Products rich in flavor and affection, to make meal moments even more special and make the whole family happy.

Mister Frango

Mister Frango is present in all Brazilian states. It is the preferred brand of thousands of consumers who do not relinquish quality when choosing food. The brand offers selected and frozen chicken cuts to meet the most demanding tastebuds.

Frangos Canção

Frangos Canção combines flavor and tradition in its products. A special brand in the truest sense due to its quality and being the company’s first brand to be in supermarket shelves. The line has traditional, frozen and chilled chicken cuts, in packaging suitable for retail, wholesale and distributors.


Bellaves For Bellaves, there are no limits when it comes to feeding people! This is GTFoods’ exclusive export brand. Its products meet the demands of international consumer markets: European, Arab and Asian.


The Lorenz Company was founded in 1916, being the first cassava starch producer in Latin America. The units are located in the State of Paraná in the cities of Cianorte, Quatro Pontes and Paranavaí.

Currently, it offers a complete line of starches to the market: modified and pre-gelatinized starches, hydroxypropylated starches, maltodextrins, dextrins, dehydrated glucose syrup, sour cassava starch and vegetable adhesives.

Brasil Embalagens

Brasil Embalagens is located in the city of Nova Esperança, Paraná. It is one of the companies under the GTFoods Group umbrella. Its purpose is to go beyond the production of boxes and deliver packaging solutions, strengthening partnerships and allowing its customers to distribute its products to the 4 corners of Brazil, with quality and safety.

Certifications and Qualifications

Certificação IFS Global Markets

IFS Global Markets


Fambras Halal

EU Approved

China Approved

SIF 4166

SIF 1860

SIF 1880

SIF 3773

SIF 4198

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Risk of Fraudulent Contracts by Scammers!

GTFoods – Gonçalves and Tortola SA warns chicken meat importers from all over the world that scammers are trying to make sales through fake contracts using the name of our company, employees and owners improperly.

Be attentive of below procedures:

  • We don’t send emails with offers to new customers;
  • Check the email domain: ours is
  • Any variation of words in the email domains is an ATTEMPT OF FRAUD;
  • Be aware that we practice market price, so any price that seems too good to be true, is an ATTEMPT OF FRAUD;
  • We never send personal documents to any of our customers, like passports or any ID.
  • Our official website is;
  • If you receive an email or link to a website offering GTFoods products, call us before closing any deal: + 55 44 3218 3500