The Group

GTFoods group - Frangos Canção, Gold Frango, Mister Frango e Bellaves.

In its 20 years experience, Frangos Canção grew in a healthy and sustainable way by Developing products with high quality and competitiveness, achieved Brazilian and International Market, trading with over 60 countries. During this period the company acquired two more plants and partnered with companies and international brands, expanding its product line and diversifying the sale. All this movement in pursuit of growth has transformed the company into a group, and enabled the creation of GTFoods Group by Frangos Canção. The Group was born containing four brands: Frangos Canção, Gold Frango, Mister Frango e Bellaves, which has a verticalized structure of 26 units.

Check out the unities and structure of the group GTFoods.

  • Unities of matrices breeding
    The unities of Matrices Breeding is located in Douradina-PR, constituted by 5 nucleus with a capacity of 280,000 matrices. These nucleus receive the breeds being chicks, and raise them up to adulthood, where the cocks and hens are sent to the nucleus of egg production.
  • Egg production
    Located in Mirador, Rondon, and Marilena, Parana, the group has 10 nucleus with capacity for 540,000 Breeders. It is where occurs the production of fertile eggs. They are collected daily, sanitized and prepared to be sent to the hatchery of the group.
  • Hatchery
    Located in Sao Manoel Paraná-PR, the hatchery in the group has capacity for 10 million chicks per month. The Eggs from production nucleus are classified and incubated for 18 days. Then they are vaccinated and sent to the hatchers, place where the eggs hatch on the 21st day. After birth, the chicks are sent to the breeding farms of broiler chicken.
  • Fomentation of broiler chicken
    The group counts on its own 68 farms, a total of 2,244,000 birds. Apart from the breeding, they adopt the integration system in partnership with farmers in more than 30 municipalities of Parana, with accommodation capacity to 12 million birds. After 45 days the birds are directed to four slaughter plants.
  • Industrial plants
    The group has four slaughter plants (Maringá-PR, PR-Terra Boa - PR, Paraiso do Norte - PR and Paranavai -PR) with a production capacity of 390,000 birds / day, following the strictest quality standards and productivity. The products are distributed throughout the country and exported to over 50 countries.
  • Flour and oil industries
    The group has two plants of oil and flour, located in Maringá-PR and Paranavai - PR, with a production capacity of 40,000 tons / year. The Factories produces feather flour, oil and, viscera flour by processing by-products from chicken slaughter. The products are sold, or intended to production  plants of  animal feed. These are products with proven quality. The factory in Maringa is enabled to export products and has  production of high standard viscera flour,called "low ash"
  • Feed industries
    GTFoods group has four Feed production plants with capacity for 90,000 tons of feed / month, intended to the unities of Matrices Breeding, egg farms and to 700 more broiler chicken farms. The production of balanced feed based on cereals follows strict quality control and biosafety.
  • Evironment
    GTFoods group works seeking sustainability in all aspects, developing projects throughout the production chain, focused on environmental responsibility and aiming more and more a cleaner production . The Group recycles about 385 tons / year of waste such as plastics and cardboard, thus avoiding sending these materials to landfill, which would lead to decay indefinitely. It also provides annually 575 tons / year of organic waste to companies that perform the transformation of these materials into organic fertilizer pellets, ready to be incorporated into the soil. The wastewater treatment is also a major concern among the group, all water employed on industrial processes is properly treated before being returned to the nature.
  • Human ressources
    In persuit of well-being and human development, the group provides benefits and incentives to employees. It also has programs of social inclusion for disabled people and promotes training aiming personal and professional development. It has doctors, engineers and technicians focused on occupational safety health and safety of employees. The group also develops partnerships and agreements on Maringá area in order to offer benefits to all employees and services. GTFoods group currently has over 5000 employees focused and committed to delivering to customers and consumers products and services with the highest quality.
  • Domestic market
    GTFoods group acts on domestic market with 9 subsidiaries on sales and supply throughout Brazil and has over 300 sales agents. The group goes on expanding its range of products such as frozen potato, vegetables, fish, beef, pork, cassava, polenta and products of processed meat, Besides the chicken, with production of 190,000 tons / year.
  • External market
    The same quality that reaches Brazilian costumers is also present on products for the consumers around the world. The products are exported to over 50 countries, being some of the main markets the most demanding on quality control and processes the Middle East, Africa, Japan and Venezuela. The Group exports over 63,000 tonnes / year and is under process of Exportation Licencing for its plants to South Africa, Canada and the European Common Market, among others.